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{Jenna&Richie’s big day}

 I am finally BLOGGING! I have been a summertime blog slacker, big time. With my kids being home I only spend a limited time on my computer, and so my blog has been neglected…but I promise to be blogging more especially in the months to come! So, maybe this amazing wedding will make up for it all!

It was such an honor to be part of Jenna & Richie’s incredible wedding day. It was a gorgeous day, and my first time shooting at the wonderful TBS Ranch…it is such a beautiful location for weddings!  All the details were perfect, and the two of them calm as could be. I love the unity they bring together…so much love, respect, and joy. It was nothing short of wonderful!

Again huge props to my incredible assistant, a.k.a. my husband. He has such a huge part of these days, I simply could not do it without him. He has grown in his mad skills as a photographer and I just love how his images flow together with mine so seamlessly! Shout out also to Gwen who, makes my day easier in so many ways!

Thank you Jenna and Richie for allowing me to be part of your incredible day! Cheers to many more years to come!



Ryan and Meg’s wedding day was beyond incredible! We traveled down to Orange county for this fabulous day, and it was a perfectly gorgeous sunny day! It was a intimate wedding in her parents backyard, that was full of vibrant colors and so many handmade details. The reception was held down the block at a neighbors home, with a lemonade stand along the way. so wonderful!  You can see the joy and fun that was so celebrated that day, it is so amazing for me to be able to witness and be apart of such an occasion where God is honored and the love is so evident in all areas. And, because SOOO many are just dying to see this wedding, I posted a ton!!

Thank you Ryan and Meg for allowing me to be part of your fabulous day!! love you guys!

first meeting


{Love is in the air}

Had so much fun being able to capture Joel&Alison’s wedding day. Joel is my cousin, and they both live on the east coast. They came all the way to celebrate with family and friends in Chico, and I had such a great time being able to capture them on a farm and in the orchard!

Congratulations you two!!

the first meeting


*puppy project*

Well, first off I wanted to mention my new site, and blog! How incredible is it?? All thanks to my wonderful designer Alissa from The Color Interactive she is INCREDIBLE and once again nailed it! I wanted a logo and site that was more of a reflection of ME and I think it is just perfect! I am just so excited about it!!

So today I am here showing a craft I recently worked on. My kids have had the puppy bug forever now, and we have been promising them that we would get one….so the time has come! We have caved! I am looking forward to it, but know that it will be like having a newborn all over again….not so much looking forward to that part! So, I have been trying to get a few things here and there, and went to find a puppy bed. Not very impressed by them, and especially the price tags! So, of course there is always the side of me that says “oh i could SO make one!” so that is what i set out to do! I am going to do a little step by step process here, really it is just a cover.  And it is UBER easy, all you need to know is sewing basics….which is all i am really good at!

1.So first you will want to find a pillow. I had an old pillow here just a standard size, if you have a bigger dog you will of course want a bigger one…you could even just make a cover for the dog bed you already have.

2. Find fabric that will hide some dirt, I found some vintage fabrics. One is a vintage sheet I got for 25 cents, and the other at a thrift store that is YES polyester HA! but it holds heat,and does not stain…perfect for a puppy!

3. Measure your pillow and add a seam allowance on the sides. For the back side I used a SUPER simple method that will make it easier to take on and off. You could also leave the ends open and attach velcro. But, I went the easy way!  So for the backside, you are going to want two pieces. You will want to half the length measurement but add at least 3 inches to one of the sides, so that it overlaps the other piece on the back.  So my length of my pillow was 26″ with allowance, and so for the back I cut two pieces one 13″ and the other 16″.

4. Next you are going to want to hem the two sides that will be exposed on the backside so that they do not fray when washed.

5. Then pin together the front piece to the back pieces, right sides together, lining them up so that they are overlapping on the back. and iron them flat.

6. Sew around the entire edge within your seam allowance. Turn right side out and insert your pillow. You can then add ruffles, bows or any other cutsie thing! 🙂

We will hopefully have a new puppy within the next you KNOW i will be posting some pics as soon as she arrives! 🙂 wedding season has arrived so busy I will be. I cant wait to post some pictures from my recent Chico wedding…it had a farm cowboy theme, SO fun!!! Be back soon to post some pictures!

Hope you enjoy this fun little project!