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I had the great privilege to be included for the fall Rust&Roses barn show, and it was amazing! Met so many wonderful people, the vendors were all so amazing. Creativeness flowed in every booth. It is always so great to meet other people that share the same passion as you, it is so encouraging.  I will be highlighting a few on here soon, just have to share some of these amazing people!

So, here are some photos from the day.  I will show Hazel first, it was so much fun putting together my booth. I am one that most of you know love making things myself and getting creative. So, I got busy sewing and coming up with ideas to use things i already had or could put together easy. I wanted to show my style, and love for handmade/vintage things.

The barn show was at the Ponderosa Ridge Ranch, and WOW it was AMAZING! I was there for sunset and sunrise and it was magical. Their horses roam the property, and there is nothing around but beautiful nature. They rent it for weddings and occasions, if you are looking for a glorious location this is THE place to have it! It made me want a farm, I know I have some sort of farm girl roots deep down! 🙂 There will be another r&r show coming this spring so I will keep you all updated.

had to make my own sign 🙂

and use that TV, you will be seeing it alot!

Monica’s amazing NEST space

Troy Hawkins gypsy jewelry

Jae’s wonderful vintage tie pouches..i love them!

my wonderful long time friend Sarah of Sera Bella flowers,  flower booth. she is incredible!

amazing vintage dresses by Julia I wanted them ALL! really gorgeous!



That is what we are calling her (well, mostly me).  She is our newest addition, an adventure waiting to happen.  She is a 65′  Aristocrat and in almost original condition.  I had been looking for quite some time for something that would fit all of us, and had character. And she fit us just perfectly. I found her online, and THAT night we took a drive up to Oregon to pick it up. Already an adventure.

I am going to be having a booth at a local barn show, and Hazel will be there with me. She will be my booth. So, of course I had to get her ready. I went to work scrubbing, painting and furnishing. My amazingly wonderful mother sewed new curtains and that just made it feel complete. I accesorized her with new pillows, vintage things, and an amazing print from Jess at Vol.25 that I knew I wanted as soon as I had a trailer. My grandma also passed down to me all her wonderful kitchen things from her trailer, things I remember as a kid on trips with her and grandpa in their camper….and that just makes me so excited to take a piece of those memories with us.

I will be posting pictures after this weekends show so you can see it all set up, if you are in the area come on out it is going to be a fantastic day!

So, without further adieu here is Hazel.