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So, here I am again stating the obvious that a new blog post is LONG overdue…we are not even going to talk about how long it has been. Yikes. I have trying to balance family, work and life and that leaves little room it seems for keeping up with my site, unfortunately. I have so much to blog and with this now being my slower months I hope to update as much as I can! I do keep up with Facebook more often so if you do not follow me already you can HERE.

This is Candace a high school senior that I had the chance to work with at the ever so gorgeous White House venue here in Redding.  She is gorgeous inside and out. Her smile is infectious and you can see the joy and love just pouring out of her. Thank you Candace for letting me share these moments with you!





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A huge newborn storm hit awhile back and I so am enjoying capturing these tiny new little ones! Incredible to see the wonders of Gods most magnificent creation.

This is Chloe and she was so sweet, just slept the entire time like a champ! And just look at all that hair!! LOVE IT!  Thank you “C” family for allowing me to capture these moments of your family!



I have hit the baby storm right now, and am LOVING it! Nothing about newborns gets old to me….the smell, the soft skin, little everything and all the creases!

I was so privileged to capture sweet Brayden. He was SO SO good to me, slept so sweetly! Cant wait to watch him grow up so fast!

Thank you again W family!

look at that sweet little grin! 😉

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