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So, here I am again stating the obvious that a new blog post is LONG overdue…we are not even going to talk about how long it has been. Yikes. I have trying to balance family, work and life and that leaves little room it seems for keeping up with my site, unfortunately. I have so much to blog and with this now being my slower months I hope to update as much as I can! I do keep up with Facebook more often so if you do not follow me already you can HERE.

This is Candace a high school senior that I had the chance to work with at the ever so gorgeous White House venue here in Redding.  She is gorgeous inside and out. Her smile is infectious and you can see the joy and love just pouring out of her. Thank you Candace for letting me share these moments with you!






I am finally getting around to sharing this lovely session with Shelly and John. They made the brisk morning fade away with the heat in this session! Loved the connection they share and was so thrilled to capture it!

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I have been meaning to catch up on my blogging, but just staying on top of sessions this year is proving to be a challenge! So, there are more blogging posts to come I am way behind!

I have been wanting to blog this session forever now! The B family drove all the way here from Chico for a session with me, what an honor! I felt so privileged to be able to spend the day with this wonderful little family. Conner was the star of the day, his little sweet smile and cheeks and lets not forget the adorable rolls,  just melted me! Thank you B family for allowing me to capture this time in your lives!





.local love. [country organics]

Today is yet another edition of my local loves. I love being able to share with others wonderful local things that I believe in, there are really so many amazing little shops and products in our amazing city.

So, today I am featuring Country Organics. The owners Bob and Mandy are friends of ours, Bob and I go way back to our days of working together at Raley’s…..or should I say YEARS of working together there. He was the “produce guy”, and still is just in his own amazing store. Country Organics DELIVERS local organic produce to your DOORSTEP each week. Talk about amazing! They also now have a store front so rather than having a delivery you can go in pick and choose each item AND pick up other organic items from their shelves. I do not know how many times i am out of ONE item, and they seem to have everything right there…it is convenience at it’s best. They carry local Hat Creek beef at an incredible price, it is something that always makes it into my basket. I really cannot say enough great things about this small but rather AMazing business! You MUST go in! Great service, and products! You can get all the info HERE.

OH, and just in case you are wondering. I happen to love this place i call Redding, so i bring you all these local loves ALL on my own. I am a firm believer in sharing the great things i find to others so you too can enjoy amazing things…so NO i am not getting paid in any form to do these. 🙂


[opal’s birthday]

Yes, I know exactly what you wanted to see pictures of my dog ON her birthday. Well, the fact is that in our house birthday’s are a big deal. We love to take time to really celebrate that person, and let them know how thankful we are to have them in our lives. So, it only came natural that my kids wanted to give Opal her own special day. She got new toys, treats and of course a photo shoot. We even made her own party hat. Go ahead and say it, I am a weirdo. ha.

So today is a few of Opal’s pictures ALONG with yet another amazing introduction to a new product from Volume 25! Jessica just keeps outdoing herself each and every time! Her latest is her first blush ALBUM template and it is amazing. Completely customizable and literally nothing like it out there. AND along with that she is also introducing NEW blog templates for all you photogs out there. Really if you have not gone and seen her amazing artwork, and photography eye candy it is a must!!

SO, here today i am giving you a few samples. ENJOY!! And if you are still interested in my spring special hit me up, we have a few spots still open!


This is one of the eight blog templates up for grabs, aren’t they adorable!


and this is my version of a few pages of the new blush album, just to show you how the pages can be customized with color and textures.

Be back soon with some love posts!




[spring mini sesh]

Yes, spring is HERE! Even though it does not feel so warm out yet.  But warm weather is coming! In celebration of this season starting I am offering a one day mini session! Yeah! This will be for only small families and kiddos. So, if you have been putting off pictures and really just want a few updated shots this session is for you for sure.

This mini session will only be a one day event, with limited time slots. SO get it while it’s hot. ha.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email!

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