NEW vOl.25 overlays!

Well, Jessica at Vol.25 has done it yet again! She has put out yet another amazing overlay set AND an amazing 365 book template. Being part of her design team I was able to put together a few pages to let you all see the amazingness of her work and give you some ideas on how you could use them. Mostly, these refer to photographers or scrapbookers out there that have and know how to use photoshop…and if you DO the possibilities with these sets are endless!

On a side note….I was all pumped to do the 365 challenge this year (which is a photo a day for the year) thanks to the wonderful Jess and her inspirational book that would allow me to capture so many little things throughout my week, that in the end would remind me of all the things we often forget at the end of the year. But, after really considering it I realized that the 52 week challenge was a much better thing for me….I think it will allow for more creativity on my part and not so much pressure. ha! SO, I will be posting pictures on here from time to time, maybe even every week we shall see, and I will give a bit of story with it so you can see small memories we will make this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here are a few pages i put together… NOTE: that the frames I used on my pages are from the 365 book…sorta a mixture of the two. The sweetie pie frames are quite fun, they would be great on scrapbooking pages for sure!

ok enough blabbing. and on with it already. Be back with some new sessions in a bit!

you can purchase the sweetie pie overlays HERE and she is running an amazing special right now of 35% off her entire digital shop, so get em’ while their hot.

this below is me and my lovey Mr.H, and yes i was laughing, we were having such fun doing these… and the mother in laws amazing 23 window vw. we have a love for them in our fam. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a picture of some of her pages in theย  365 book, simply amazing! You can see and buy the book template here.