Christmas loves!

I wanted today to give some inspiration and pass along some things that I am in love with right now! Ideas for crafting, gifts or decorations. I just love this cold winter, with a warm fire in the eve and crafting or sewing away!

Hope you enjoy!

Up next….I will be putting up a few FREE printable gift tags like last year, and a few recipes that would be great to bring to a festivity. Also, a few more family sessions….so stay tuned!

First up I thought I would share a few diy gifts, and then some etsy love that anyone would love getting for Christmas!

1.This is a SO cute trivet from Martha Stewart and seems pretty simple. I love the results!! Directions HERE.

2.This is a really great diy that you literally could do for under $5! I am thinking something like this would look so great in Hazel (our trailer). You can find out how to do it HERE.

3.Chocolate cupcakes WITH cookie dough in the middle. Yes please. On those days that I am craving something ooey and gooey this would completely fufill that! Recipe found HERE.

4. This has to be THE cutest crochetted tutorial ever! The animals are just as cute. Someday I will learn to do this. WILL! You can find it HERE.

5. This is a shower scrub that would make a wonderful gift. You can find directions HERE.

6. An awesome re-purposed sweater bag HERE.

7. An apron for gardening or baking. Tutorial HERE.

8. These lavender sachets are easy to put together, and I adore the smell! Found HERE.

9. This little owl is just simply cute, it could be used as a tree ornament or even turned into a keychain or gift topper. Found HERE.

Ok. now on to a few etsy loves….

I love etsy for so many reasons, one being that each thing created is so unique and original and I love that! And another reason is that things are created by individuals with passion and love. Something you will NOT find at the big box stores. These days small businesses struggle to make it, and let me tell you owning your own business is not so easy anymore. SO, show some local and  handmade love this year for Christmas….there are really so many amazing things to buy.

These are just a few of MY faves.

1. I am thinking this is a must for me, every year I get a new day to day planner and I am in love with this one!

2. Bike pendant LOVE it!

3. Would love this by my bedside table.

4. A vintage trailer bird house, yes please.

5. I love beantown and know that Opal would look wonderful in this sweater. Not sure how thrilled she would be with me however.

6. All these pieces are incredible, art for sure. I would love one.

7. Warm Sugar has to be one of my fave doll makers. So SO cute and detailed. I think one just might be on my daughters bed soon. 🙂

8. These hooks are awesome, and love using them as jewelry holders.

9. I love Nan Lawson’s art, and having so many artists that speak to my heart throughout my home. I love this print SO.

10. Another one of my fave prints.

11. I love these letterpress prints, there is also an awesome camera print.

12. Ok. yes, I love most things boston terriers and this shirt is adorable!

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