This was such an incredible wedding for me to capture. Chris and I go way back, back to the days of slurpee runs and careless bored days as “kids’. ha!  I was thrilled to be able to capture this wonderful day, Chris and Kim together are just perfect I am so entirely thrilled for them. The groomsmen totally rocked the shoot, which is what I expected completely from Chris and his witty, creative self! SO incredible to do photos for a couple that loves creativity, one another, and has off the wall ideas that I can roll with…seriously a dream!

Chris and Kim you both are so wonderful! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day, not only did I laugh so hard at times I had tears, you both made me feel so appreciated. Cheers to many many wonderful years together!

3 Responses to “chris&kim”

  1. Mary Barrow
    9:21 pm on November 11th, 2010

    These pictures are truly wonderful and you managed to capture the true beauty of everyone involved.

  2. Char Carter
    9:50 am on November 12th, 2010

    I love these photo’s! Very creative and perfectly edited. You did the beautiful bride and her handsome husband justice. Well done!

  3. Monique Kelley
    7:01 pm on November 19th, 2010

    Good job Hannah! They both look amazing..What an awesome wedding. So many key moments captured just right 🙂 We need to talk…

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