.a day at the farm.

This session speaks to my heart…and really, really makes me long for the farm life even more! Deep down I want to be a country girl…someday it will happen, starting with a chicken coop and hens that we will be getting this spring! It is probably all I will be able to handle! ha! I have a bit of the city girl in me too 🙂

The “G” family are good friends of ours and when they wanted family photos I immediately knew that doing a session at their home would be sooo perfect, and really show who they are. I adore being able to incorporate a part of each families life and personality into the sessions, it is my true journalistic love.  Their home is a 100 plus year old farm house, they raise Jacob sheep, chickens and horses….have incredibly huge fruit and walnut trees and lots of land…talk about amazing! I think i might be doing more shoots up there to come, it is so inspiring!! Thank you G family for your friendship and a wonderful afternoon! xo

If you are looking for a on site journalistic photo shoot hit me up….i adore it!




2 Responses to “.a day at the farm.”

  1. Angela
    2:32 pm on November 16th, 2011

    So Beautiful Hannah! Beautiful photos of a very beautiful family!

  2. Becki
    8:32 pm on November 28th, 2011

    THis is a great LIFE style session with them! It doesn’t seem like a photo shoot at all – but you just hanging out with them and capturing them as they are every day. These are my favorite!

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